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WestView Images 

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by Jill Santi   

Welcome to WestView Images, my name is Jill Santi, Photographer, Artist, Creater of WestView Images.

My company has been a dream of mine since I developed my first roll of Black and White film at the age of 15.  The desire to be a photographer was an early passion, I started with a 110mm camera, after my first roll was developed, my need for learning how to capture and share the world's natural beauty had begun.  My first 35mm camera was given to me by my father at age 15 and was with me everywhere I went. I was known to everyone as a photographer early on.  My vision for my company also involved a line of stationary products. When I was in grade school, I sold all occasion greeting cards door to door, it made me happy to see how excited people were to send personal notes to others, and I began to envision the creation my own card line.  The thought of being able to offer real images from nature and our surroundings would be inspiring and I hoped to give people the chance to see real scenes they otherwise may not be able to see. I was always told "You have the eye.", which also encouraged me to continue. 

Whenever I was asked "What do you want to be?"  My answer always, a photographer, and now my dream has unfolded into reality, an actual dream come true...  now known as WestView Images; My company and my life dream.  A long life journey of learning and believing one day it will happen.  I never gave up, even when people said "It will never work", "No one sends cards or buys paper calendars anymore".  Well, yes they do. It is my pleasure to share with you the world through my eyes, recorded with natural light as photographic images and translated into a product line to include: 

Note Cards "Natural Notes", Postcards, Calendars, Journals, Gift Tags, Bookmarks, Prints and more. 

Almost any image can become any product.  All items are handcrafted. 

Products are available for both personal use and Business Marketing needs.  Custom items are welcomed.

PLEASE contact me with any inquiries.

Various assortments of WestView Images products are in gift shops in Chautauqua County, NY,

in addition to my website and

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Phone: 716-365-9494

Westview Images, PO Box 537, Westfield, NY 14787


Shops carrying WestView Images products:

Assortment varies in each location.

In Westfield:
Grape Discovery Center, RT 20 - Westfield, NY
Blanches Goodie Garden, Main Street -
Peaceful Designs - 11 Main Street - www.peacefuldesignsny
Jack’s Barcelona Drive In – Westfield/Barcelona -
Mayville - Webb’s Candies and Gifts, RT 394
Chautauqua Institution: