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WestView Images 

Professional Photography 

by Jill Santi   

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Introducing ~ Chautauqua County Vacation Journal / Notebook
THREE Styles


Chautauqua County Vacation Notebooks

3 styles 

 Westfield, NY, Around Chautauqua Lake and Chautauqua Institution

I have spent seven years photographing Chautauqua County from one end to the other in every park, town, dead end street, and walking trail I could find. Then decided it was time to share all the amazing beauty and attractions in a way other people could visit with an easy guide and to make notes to log their journey.

FINE ART PRINTS of any image available.

Locations to shop for WestView Images product collection:

In Westfield:
Grape Discovery Center, RT 20
Blanches Goodie Garden, Main Street
Westfield Community Pharmacy, Main Street
Jack’s Barcelona Drive In – Westfield/Barcelona - Seasonal
KOA Campground - RT5 - Seasonal
Mayville - Webb’s Candies and Gifts, RT 394
Dewittville – The Basket Farm Bell, RT 430 - Seasonal
Chautauqua - Chautauqua Institution Bookstore